Weil IBAN-Namensprüfungen zur Pflicht werden

Hamburg/Utrecht, 26. September 2023: SurePay, Initiator und marktführender Anbieter einer IBAN-Namensprüfung, und alseda Consulting, eine führende IT-Beratung, geben heute die Einführung eines SAP Add-Ons für den IBAN-Name Check bekannt. Die neue Lösung eröffnet SAP-Nutzern in allen Euro-Ländern erstmals einen einfachen, direkt integrierten Zugang zu einer IBAN-Namensprüfung. Die Integration macht viele Prozesse im Zusammenhang mit Zahlungsdaten effizienter, sicherer und hilft Zahlungsbetrug zu vermeiden. Die Lösung für SEPA-Zahlungen entspricht dabei allen Anforderungen der EU-Kommission in Bezug auf die bald obligatorische Integration solch einer Prüfung für Instant Payments und Banküberweisungen.

Aufgrund einer neuen Gesetzesverordnung der EU-Kommission für SEPA Instant Payments, die voraussichtlich noch 2023 verabschiedet wird, wird eine bankseitige Überprüfung zwischen der IBAN und dem Namen des Kontoinhabenden zeitnah zur Pflicht bei Instant Payments. Im Rahmen eines weiteren Vorschlags der EU-Kommission im Zusammenhang mit PSD3 und PSR, werden IBAN-Namensprüfungen in absehbarer Zeit wahrscheinlich auch für alle regulären Banküberweisungen obligatorisch.

Vor diesem Hintergrund haben sich SurePay, der Initiator und marktführende Anbieter für den IBAN-Name Check, und das IT-Beratungsunternehmen alseda Consulting zusammengetan und die Softwarelösung alseda INV entwickelt: Die erste direkt in die SAP-Landschaft integrierte Lösung am Markt für den Abgleich zwischen der IBAN und dem Namen des Zahlungsempfängers. Die gemeinsame Lösung richtet sich an Unternehmen aller Branchen und speziell an Finanzdienstleister wie Banken und Versicherer.

Spezifikationen von alseda INV (IBAN-Name Validation)

alseda INV is based on the standard for SAP S/4HANA® applications and uses intelligent functions to control the use of SurePay’s IBAN name check within the SAP landscape. This allows users to verify their master data during data entry or during the payment process and thus significantly increase the quality of their master data, optimize onboarding processes and prevent incorrect payments. Individually configurable settings can also be made to set specific parameters for the transfer of account data into master data. In addition, regular validation of existing bank details in the SAP system, as well as event-controlled validation, is possible, for example when creating new bank details.

alseda INV can be integrated quickly and without modification into SAP standard applications, on-premise or as an SAP cloud application. A number of SAP applications are directly supported, including SAP Finance and Accounting, SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Human Capital Management, SAP Payment Engine and SAP Business Partner.

Ein weiterer Meilenstein für SurePay und den IBAN-Name Check

The collaboration with alseda Consulting and the development of the SAP add-on is another significant milestone for SurePay. The fintech company is already active in several European countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy and France with its IBAN name matching solution, with a reach of more than 100 banks and over 170 million bank accounts. In June, SurePay also introduced the ONE IBAN Name Check, a comprehensive EU solution that supports companies and payment service providers across Europe in handling payment data and in the fight against payment fraud, misdirected payments and money laundering. SurePay not only connects directly with banks, but also has active connections to systems in Europe, such as CBIs Check IBAN and SEPAmail.

David-Jan Janse, CEO of SurePay,  explains: “We want to make getting started and using our systems and solutions as easy as possible. Especially now that the time pressure to implement the integration of an IBAN name check is so great. That’s why we’re very pleased about the cooperation with alseda Consulting, which has created a unique and smart integration solution for SAP users who can now work directly in their SAP applications with the IBAN name check, thereby making all payments-related processes more secure can.”

Frank Bergmann, Managing Director at alseda Consulting , adds: “This cooperation between SurePay and alseda Consulting creates real added value for our customers. With SurePay’s many years of experience in the area of ​​IBAN name verification and alseda’s SAP know-how, we were able to develop a real out-of-the-box solution for SAP users. The direct integration of the alseda INV solution into the SAP applications enables a high level of automation and real-time processing of the IBAN name check.”

Über SurePay

SurePay is the initiator and leading provider of the IBAN name check. Founded in 2016, the Dutch fintech company’s solution offers innovative real-time name verification that gives payers more security that their payments are going to the intended recipient. This avoids transfers to the wrong people or companies, whether intentionally through payment fraud or unintentionally through misdirected payments. SurePay is already connected to 100 banks in Europe and the UK and hundreds of organizations.

Über alseda

alseda Consulting, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a consulting firm and software manufacturer for companies in the banking and financial services industry that has been planning and implementing sophisticated solutions and developments in the SAP environment in partnership with its customers since it was founded in 2003. The core competencies of alseda Consulting lie in the areas of payment transactions, leasing, credit and risk management.