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Following attempted fraud at a fellow international brewery, Grolsch began using Verification of Payee for Organisations. It purchases this service in conjunction with iDIN and iDEAL. SurePay’s Verification of Payee solution is used to check (new) Dutch suppliers. Rosanne Wieten, Master Data Specialist at Grolsch was involved in the implementation.

Correct data from suppliers

Grolsch falls under Asahi, where there have been the attempted frauds in the past. At the time, an IBAN calculator was used; however, this calculator checked only for valid format and not by name. When fraud is committed, the format of the IBAN is often correct. Therefore, this calculator did not help Grolsch sufficiently in preventing fraud. Another solution was sought and they ended up with SurePay’s Verification of Payee solution.

When a new supplier is suggested by Grolsch’s purchasing department, a workflow is created. This workflow eventually reaches the data department that is ultimately responsible for this process. Before putting the supplier into the system there, Verification of Payee is performed. This allows Grolsch to be sure that the supplier (payment) details are correct and they are paying to the right account.

Data cleaning

Currently, Verification of Payee only is used for new and/or changed details from suppliers. It is indicated if the account of the supplier.

  • is registered under a different (trade) name
  • is active or expired
  • Involves a business or private account
  • has one or more account holders

When the message “no match” is given, an email is sent from the data department to procurement asking for an additional check. The relevant supplier is then contacted and asked for an explanation. Normally the supplier does not notice that it is being checked, only if there is a “no match.

Currently, Grolsch is also cleaning up its supplier database so that only active suppliers remain.

Easy to use

Grolsch is very satisfied with the implementation, it went smoothly and the data- department was able to start working with the dashboard immediately. Two major advantages of the dashboard: First is the uploading of (large) CSV files. This allows the entire supplier database to be checked at once.
The second is to print out a report details of the checks performed. The workflow of onboarding a new supplier runs through various departments, the report can be attached to the corresponding workflow so that internally everyone can see that the checks have been performed and data is correct. This creates transparency internally.

In addition, Verification of Payee provides more security, and one spends less time on administrative matters. For example, it sometimes happens that new invoices with changed account numbers come in. Because these look different, employees start having doubts. With Verification of Payee, Grolsch is sure that (payment) details of their suppliers are correct and they transfer money to the right organisation. Also, the account number name no longer needs to be checked separately from the IBAN format as with the IBAN calculator. This saves a lot of time in administration. In short: more efficient and secure business processes

''Thanks to the fast and good implementation, Verification of Payee allows us to check our (new) suppliers immediately. This not only prevents fraud but also allows us to clean up our entire database.''

Rosanne Wieten, Master Data Specialist Grolsch

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