Fraud Risk Indicator

Verification of Payee Add-on

Provides additional data points upon a payment 

Lowers manual time and costs 
Sharpens your fraud detection
Limited integration effort

How does it work?

The Fraud Risk Indicator (FRI) is a solution offered in combination with the IBAN-Name Check/Verification of Payee: an add-on to the current API. Essentially, the add-on provides additional data points; risk indicators that will help the bank to determine whether there’s an increased risk or a decreased risk of fraud.

Fraud Detection & Monitoring

The FRI is meant for implementation at the Fraud Detection / Transaction Monitoring system, not in the front-end.

This helps to prevent fraud because additional fraud cases can be spotted upon payment initiation, thanks to risk increasers, like a “hit” in the PolitieNL database or the fact that an account is newly opened.

Lowers the number of false positives

The FRI helps to lower the number of false positives on the fraud analysts backlog, thanks to risk decreasers like the number of account holders.

Other add-on features

for Banks & PSPs

SWIFT Beneficiary Account Verification
Expand your reach on a global scale by leveraging the pre-validation service offered by Swift. SurePay is an official Enabler partner of Swift and can take banks from local Confirmation of Payee to to EU and beyond to Global. Trust in a secure and accredited platform for a frictionless and fraud-resistant financial experience.

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European Batch Check
Are you ready to meet the requirements of the Instant Payments regulation? Checking payment orders delivered as a package is one of the new key requirements of the regulation. SurePay has multiple solutions available to suit your needs and meet the requirements to comply with the regulation.

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With SurePay PayID customers can now easily and securely pay in your Banking App to friends and acquaintances on their contact list. In the future we will add more identification options to this service. SurePay PayID uses the smart Verification of Payee algorithm for this.

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Switch Check
If a bank uses the SurePay Switch Check, the payer will be notified when the payee has switched to another bank. This way he can immediately pay to the new IBAN and update his address book. This speeds up the adoption of new account numbers.

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Ready to use the Fraud Risk Indicator?

Integrate the Fraud Risk Indicator in your API 

Are you interested in implementing the Fraud Risk Indicator? You can schedule a meeting with Wendel Middendorp, Business Development Manager.