Prevent AI deepfakevideo fraud

Fraudsters are getting more cunning, but IBAN-Name Check will always give warning

“An employee of a Hong Kong-based organisation has been scammed out of €24 Million by a deepfake video.

Someone posing as a top financial officer gave instructions to transfer money. The employee had doubts but these disappeared when he was in a video meeting in which he saw the top financial officer, among others.”

You can prevent fraud by both external fraudsters and your own employees with the IBAN-Name Check. This solution checks whether the IBAN matches the name provided at the bank. If this is not the case, you get a warning that fraud may be involved.


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In the portal, enter a name and an account number to check the combination. Easily check whether there is a match, a possible typo or a mismatch, i.e. possible fraud.

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