Elevating Bank Fraud Prevention with SurePay’s Innovative Solutions

Elevating Bank Fraud Prevention with SurePay’s Innovative Solutions Fraud and Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams are major concerns for the financial sector, with numerous news articles and reports indicating a rise in various online scams. The advent of the digital age has led to more sophisticated fraud tactics, where scammers employ social engineering and advanced […]

SurePay announces one European Verification of Payee

Instant Payment regulation and internationalisation of fraud call for Europe wide solution SurePay, the inventor and market leader of the Verification of Payee, is pleased to announce the launch of One European Verification of Payee solution. With one solution, European reach is offered both cross border and domestic in all EU countries. Payment fraud and […]

SurePay Portal makes checking IBAN and name easier and more accessible

IBAN-Name check now available via website for all organisations Today, Utrecht-based fintech SurePay introduces the IBAN-Name Check Portal. Companies can use the Portal to quickly and efficiently check, 24 hours a day, whether they have the correct payment details of a customer, supplier or employee. In this way, SurePay helps detect fraud and prevent mistakes. […]

New feature IBAN-Name Check for Business: the Account Age Check

Did you know that fraudsters often use recently opened accounts? That’s why a new feature has been added to the IBAN Name Check for Businesses: the Account Age Check! This check returns what the age of the account is since the date of opening. So you know if you are dealing with a recently opened […]

European introduction Verification of Payee

Interesting article in the leading financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad about the expected European introduction of the IBAN-Name Check. As the inventor and market leader in the Netherlands and UK, and with a connection to France, SurePay is the driving force in the evolution of the IBAN-Name Check. “The SurePay system was introduced on a voluntary basis by the […]

European Verification of Payee needed to combat international fraud

On the second of May 2022, the broadcast of Kassa – BNNVARA told about scams involving fake credit; victims are asked to transfer money to a foreign account number in exchange for a credit that you then never receive. To combat international fraud, the Verification of Payee should be further rolled out in Europe, say […]

First cross-border IBAN-Name Check launched for payments between France and the Netherlands

SEPAmail.eu and SurePay work together with StreamMind to prevent fraud and misdirection in cross-border payments SurePay, SEPAMail.eu and StreamMind have today announced the launch of the first cross-border IBAN Check. This service enables companies and banks to check that the account information entered matches the intended beneficiary when initiating cross-border payments between France and the […]