SurePay adds European Check to portal

SurePay continues to develop the IBAN-Name Check portal. Last week, the VAT Check was added. Now, in addition to the Dutch IBAN-Name Check, SurePay offers European checks for France and Italy in the portal. This is an add-on, on top of the existing packages.

This now allows you to check, for example, the details of new or changed Italian and French creditors or the details of new customers.

You can also check whether an account number belongs to a company or person.The European add-on enables the following European checks:


  • Natural persons, IBAN-Name Check
  • Organisations, IBAN Company ID match (Siren/Siret/VAT number)


  • Organisations, IBAN Company ID match (VAT number)

With this, SurePay now checks domestic, regional and global transactions. The European Check add-on is another great step to effectively and efficiently prevent fraud.

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